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Bank Statements

Manage Bank Statements allows you to create and edit bank account statement periods for the purpose of reconciling your bank statements.

This Section Includes:

Bank Statement Grid

Reconcile Bank Statement


Bank Statement Grid


Existing statements display in the grid with columns for Statement Date, Opening Balance, Ending Balance, Out of Balance By, and

NOTE. Double-click an existing statement or click the Edit  icon to edit or click the Add New Statement link to add a new statement.

NOTE: The Statement Date can also be deleted by clicking the Delete  icon. All the items reconciled for that statement will then be available to reconcile.

Reconcile Bank Statement


In the Reconcile Statement Setup window enter the Statement Date and Statement Ending Balance. If this is the first statement date for the currently selected bank account you also need to specify the Statement Beginning Balance. When adding a new statement, the Statement Date must be after the date of the last finalized statement.

Remove the check from the Finalized option when editing an existing reconciliation to un-finalize a statement date. This also makes manually entered outstanding items once again available for reconciliation on that statement.


There is a security option named "Update Finalized" which controls which users have rights to finalize or uncheck the Finalized button. This option is located on the Security Setup > Task Roles > Update page.

Click the OK button to reconcile your statement period (More Information) or the Cancel link to return to the Manage Bank Statements page.