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Export Appointments


This option is for HQ offices that use Remittance, and occasionally need to update a list of Appointment changes. 

NOTE: There is also a setting in Security to limit access to this tool.

1.          To use this feature, Export Appointments.  

2.          Choose the appropriate Filters for the export.





Active Churches:

Click Export to create the .xlsx file or click Cancel to return the Remittance Home page.

TIP: Export two copies, one for making changes, and one to use if you need to revert back to the current settings.

CAUTON:  Only make changes for the import on the following 3 fields:

Alternate Contact 1

Alternate Contact 2

Preferred aka Primary email address

NOTE:  The program uses the Alternate Contacts' record number during the import.

When you have updated the exported file, then proceed to Import Appointments.