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Employer Information > Update

The Employer Information > Update page allows you to enter or edit all of the information pertaining to an Employee.

This Section Includes:

Demographics tab

Note tab

Employees tab

Invoices tab


Demographics Tab


The Demographics tab displays information assigned to an employer and has options to modify these fields.

Plan Identification: Enter the number that identifies this organization with its headquarters. Enter "0" if you do not want to use this field.

Post to Accounts Receivable? Check this box if you want to post this employer to accounts receivable. (If this option is not checked, then invoices will not post to Accounts Receivable. If you are running the Post to Accounts Receivable process for reporting purposes, then the records for this employer show up in red.)

Account Type: Select either "Checking" or "Savings" from the drop-down list to activate the Bank Routing #, and Bank Account # fields.

Bank Routing #: Enter a valid bank routing number (9-digits).

Bank Account #: Enter a valid bank account number (up to 17-digits).

Note Tab


Enter a note for the employer record.

This note can be viewed by hovering over the Note  icon on the Employer Information grid.

The note can also be viewed on the Employer Information report by selecting the Print Notes? option.

Employees Tab


The Employees tab lists the employees in a grid.

There is a column for the Name, City/State, and Social Security #. Clicking on the header of one of these columns will sort the grid by that column.

This tab is not for adding or deleting employees, but for viewing all employees for a specific employer, to look up Social Security numbers and verify all employees are assigned to the correct employer.

Invoices Tab


The Invoices tab is a place to view of all the invoices that have been posted to Accounts Receivable for an employer.

Click the Magnify  icon to view the invoice in Accounts Receivable on a new browser tab. The invoice displays in either the Unposted Invoices page or the Transaction Inquiry page depending on whether the invoice has been posted.

NOTE: You may need to enable Pop-ups in your browser if the page does not load automatically.

Click the  button to save any information that has been added or edited to the Employer Information page.

Click the Reset link to reset the page back to how it was before any changes were made to it.

Click the Cancel link to leave the page without saving any changes and return to the previous page you were on.