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Applications > General Ledger > Manage > Account Amortization > Run Amortization





Account Amortization > Run Amortization

The Amortization Report allows you to view information for each selected item before posting.

This Section Includes:


Finalize Post




The following information displays for each selected item:

Source Account

Destination Account(s)

Item Name

Beginning Amount

Posted Amount

Remaining Amount

There are also totals for each source account and Final Totals. Once the preview displays you can navigate the pages, export to several formats (e.g., PDF, Excel, Word), and Print.

Finalize Post


Edit the Posting Date if desired and then click the Finalize Post button which finalizes the amortization and posts it to General Ledger. Click the Cancel link to return to the Account Amortization page without saving.

NOTE: The Post Directly to General Ledger without Editing option allows you to have your journal entry posted all the way through to the General Ledger History so that it can be viewed on reports and on the View Posted Journals page within General Ledger. This allows you to skip having to edit and post the journal entry in the Manage Unposted Journals page in General Ledger.


There is no 'Undo' function in Account Amortization. Make sure that your report is accurate before finalizing your post.