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Transaction Inquiry > Payment

Transaction Inquiry - Payment allows you to view the details of Accounts Receivable payments.


This Section Includes:

Transaction Payment Grid

Apply To Invoices

Miscellaneous Cash

Attachments Tab

Note Tab


Transaction Payment Grid


The Bill To is listed along with address information. The Journal information from General Ledger is shown if applicable.

The following information is displayed:

Check #

Payment Date

Check Amount

Unapplied Cash

There are up to four tabs on the Payment page:  Apply to Invoices (does not show if the payment was not applied to any invoices), Miscellaneous Cash (does not show if the payment had no miscellaneous cash), Attachments, and Note.

Apply to Invoices


The following columns display for each invoice against which the payment was entered:

Invoice #

Invoice Date





Write Off

New Outstanding


Multiple Payments on One Day


When you view the detail of a payment when there is more than one payment on a specific day, the Outstanding field includes all other payments on that day except the one being viewed. The New Outstanding field reflects all payments for that day. Example: There is a $300 outstanding invoice on 4/1/14. There are two payments on 4/2/14: $50 and $100. The details of the $50 payment show the following:


Outstanding: $200

Payment: $50

New Outstanding: $150


The details of the $100 payment show the following:


Outstanding: $250

Payment: $100

New Outstanding: $150


Miscellaneous Cash


The following columns display for each miscellaneous cash entry associated with the payment:

Revenue Center






You can change the Project on a posted miscellaneous cash entry. If you do this, you are prompted that the project does not match the corresponding journal entry that was made when the payment was processed. If you do change the project on a posted miscellaneous cash entry in Accounts Receivable it is recommended that you also change the project in the corresponding journal entry in General Ledger.


Attachments Tab


The Attachments tab allows you to attach files accessible from your device or to scan image files using the Scanner.Client.exe program. See the Attachments Help Page for detailed information regarding the attachments feature.

Note Tab


Notes on the selected payment are displayed and can be edited.

When finished click the Update button to save your changes, the Reset link to undo all changes since the last time the page was updated, or the Cancel link to return to the Transaction Inquiry page without saving your changes.