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Modify Preferences allows you to set up and customize Recurring Billing Options and Divisions as well as enable the usage of Cross Check (if you have a scanner).

This Section Includes:

Recurring Billing Options


Cross Check


Recurring Billing Options


Enter up to twenty user definable Recurring Billing Options (e.g., Daily, Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly, Annually). These are used in conjunction with Recurring Charges.



Enter up to five user definable Divisions (e.g., campus names, sales persons). A Division is a category used to group invoices under a common heading. Each division has sub-categories you can set up in Control Table Information (More Information). These are applied to invoices when they are entered. You can then use View Transaction Inquiry to select by invoice divisions.


The use of divisions is optional. This option is available for organizations that need a way to categorize invoices.


Cross Check


The Accounts Receivable application has the ability to scan checks on the invoice entry page. First and most important, the Ranger software that came with your Cross Check scanner needs to be installed. After installing the Ranger software and attaching your scanner, you can then proceed to the setup information below.

Use Cross Check?: Select this option if you would like to use a Cross Check scanner to scan checks.

The next step is to install the Scanner Client executable which allows your Cross Check scanner to interface with your Financial applications. To install the Scanner Client executable, hover over the Information  icon next to the Scan CrossCheck button and then click the click here link to download the executable. Refer to the Installing and configuring the Scanner Client executable section for more information.

After your Cross Check Ranger software is installed, the Cross Check unit is attached to your computer, and the Scanner Client executable is installed and configured, you are ready to scan checks. Load checks in your Cross Check scanner and then click the Scan CrossCheck button to pull a check through your scanner. The image of the check displays and the fields below the Scan CrossCheck button are filled accordingly. At this point, your system is configured to use the Cross Check scanner.

Click the  button to save any information that has been added or changed.

Click the Reset link to reset the page back to how it was before any changes were made to it.

Click the Cancel link to leave the page without saving any changes and return to the previous page you were on.