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Selections and Listings > Update

Selections and Listings - Update allows you to edit an existing report or set up a new one.

This Section Includes:

Update Report

Criteria Tab

Columns Tab

Reports Tab


Update Report


Enter the Name of your report. There are three tabs available: Criteria, Columns, and Reports.

Criteria Tab


Use the Criteria Tab to set up your criteria for your report. You can set up groups of criteria with AND and OR conditions. Double-click existing criteria on the right or click the pencil to edit them. Click the Delete  icon to be prompted to delete criteria records. You can also add criteria to groups and set up new groups of criteria. You also need to set up an And or Or condition between each criteria in the group.

Add Criteria to a Group:

For Add Criteria To Group pick the group number from the drop-down list. The following criteria areas are available: Basic, Depreciation, General Ledger, Warranty, and Other Queries.  Click the Add To Criteria link to add the criteria to the specified group on the right.

The Basic criteria:


Tag #



Investment Tax Credit Exempt

Investment Tax Credit

Purchase Order #




Replacement Date

Transfer Date

Sale Date

Retirement Date

Inventory Date



The Depreciation criteria:

Capitalized Date

Capitalized Value

Salvage Value

Tax Method

Tax Life

Book Method

Book Life

The General Ledger criteria:

Asset Account #

Accum. Depr. Account #

Expense Account #

The Warranty criteria:

Has Warranty Contract

Warranty Vendor

The Other Queries criteria consist of other reports you have set up within Selections and Listings.


Set Up New Group of Criteria:

To set up a new group of criteria select a new number by Add Criteria To Group. You can then choose on the right whether this is AND (both groups of criteria must be true for an asset to be selected) or OR (assets are selected if they meet either groups of criteria).


If you have multiple groups of criteria, make sure you are setting up your AND/OR logic properly. For instance, if you have three groups and they are set up in the following way:


Group 1 (AND) Group 2 (OR) Group 3


This would mean that assets are selected for reporting if they meet both the first two groups or if they met just the third group of criteria.


Columns Tab


The Columns Tab allows you to quickly view assets that meet the criteria you selected (if you are not selecting a report output) and also set the sort order for any reports. On the left you can customize your view by dragging options horizontally between Available Options and Selected Options. You can also drag options vertically to re-order the Selected Options column. We recommend you drag items between the columns rather than using the ">>" and "<<" buttons since those buttons move all items.


The Available Columns and Selected Columns do not affect your report output. They are for viewing only (see below).


Use the same technique to set up how you would like to sort any selected report output:

Click the Refresh Results button to view assets meeting your selected criteria with the columns you have selected. This only works if you have not selected a report output. You can also click the Reset Columns to Default link to reset all columns for viewing and sorting.

Reports Tab


Select one or more report outputs on the Reports Tab. Click the Add New to display a window with available options. You can then click Update to select the report or the Cancel link to return to the previous page without selecting that report output. You have the following reports to choose from:

Additions/Deletions: Customize the Report Title and select if you want to run the report for Book or Tax.

Detail: Customize the Report Title.

Export to Excel: Select which columns you want to display on the report by dragging items horizontally between the Available Options and Selected Options columns. You can also drag options vertically to re-order the Selected Options column. We recommend you drag items between the columns rather than using the ">>" and "<<" buttons since those buttons move all items.

Name: Customize the Report Title.

Summary - Associated Church Format: Customize the Report Title and select if you want to run the report for Book or Tax.


The Additions/Deletions report displays the Capitalized, Salvage, Depreciation, and Value amounts for each asset in one of the following columns:

Additions: Assets placed into service in the current year.

Carry Over: Assets that have not been fully depreciated.

Deletions: Assets that have fully depreciated.

The Tag #, Name, account numbers, and Cap. Date (Capitalization Date) for each asset are also displayed.  At the bottom of the report there are final totals for Capitalized, Salvage, Depreciation, and Value for each column.


The Detail report displays all information entered for each asset. All depreciation for each asset is also displayed, with the following columns:

When Posted

Who Posted



Current Year


Current Year

Ending Values for Tax and Book are also displayed.


The Name report displays a list of your assets in alphabetical order along with their Tag #.

Summary - Associated Churches Format:

The Summary - Associated Churches Format report displays the following information for each asset:

Tag #/Name


Capitalized Date/Life In Years

Capitalized Value

Beginning Accumulated Depreciation

Current Depreciation

Ending Accumulated Depreciation

Totals are also displayed at the bottom of the report output.

Export to Excel:

The Export to Excel report prompts you to download a file named DownloadFile.zip. From this you can extract a File1.xlsx file containing the columns you selected.

Click the Refresh Results button to display a print preview of your selected report output. You can use the side navigation to quickly access the different areas of the report. You can navigate the pages, export to several formats (e.g., PDF, Excel, Word), and Print. Click Setup Information on the blue bar above the report preview to return to Setup Information.

Click the Update button to save changes to your report and return to Selections and Listings or the Cancel link to return to Selections and Listings without saving changes.