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Purchasing Management


Purchasing Management allows supervisors to establish and enforce an 'approval process' starting with a requisition and ending with an approved purchase order. The application can automatically email users at each step of the approval process as well as the vendor upon approval, if desired. See Resources > Financials Portal for more information.

The program also allows you to customize the forms used for generating Purchase Orders.

NOTE: The use of levels (such as funds and departments) is optional in the design of each chart of accounts. If the chart of accounts you are working with does not use levels then you would simply skip over information about these fields in the documentation.


Features and Benefits:

Tracks all information entered for each requisition.

Invoices entered in Accounts Payable can be applied to Purchase Order items.

Provides for up-to-date budget reporting by including encumbrances on the General Ledger Budgeted Financial Statement.

Managers can automatically approve requisitions under a certain dollar amount.

Automated email notification alerts managers when they need to approve a requisition.


Refer to the Dashboard page for information about the widgets that display on the dashboard for each application.

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