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Unposted Transactions > Post

Unposted Transactions - Post allows you to review selected transactions before posting. Posting your transactions moves all invoices and adjustments to Payment Processing and marks them as unpaid so that they may later be selected and paid. Any manual checks are marked as paid and any quick checks give you the opportunity to print checks.

This Section Includes:

Report Preview

Finalize Post


Report Preview


Preview the report(s). Click Report Preferences on the blue bar above the report preview to select from the following options:

Print Notes

Print Setup Information

Print Project Information

You can then customize the sort order on the report by dragging options horizontally between Available Options and Selected Options. You can also drag options vertically to re-order the Selected Options column. We recommend you drag items between the columns rather than using the ">>" and "<<" buttons since those buttons move all items.


There are two reports that can be generated by the posting process. The General Ledger Input Audit always displays, and is not affected by any options within Report Preferences. The Quick Check, Manual Check, and Electronic Funds Transfer transaction types also generate a Check Register report. This report is the one that is affected by Report Preferences options.


If you have changed the selected options click the Run Report button to display  an updated report preview. You may also click the Clear Preferences link to reset all of your report preferences to their initial values. Once the preview displays you can navigate the pages, export to several formats (e.g., PDF, Excel, Word), and Print.


Finalize Post


NOTE: If you are using Positive Pay, then a Download Positive Pay File button appears on the right hand side. Click the button to download the PositivePay.txt file.

Edit the Posting Date if desired and then click the Finalize Post button which finalizes your transactions and post them to General Ledger.

NOTE: The Post Directly to General Ledger without Editing option allows you to have your journal entry posted all the way through to the General Ledger History so that it can be viewed on reports and on the View Posted Journals page within General Ledger. This allows you to skip having to edit and post the journal entry in the Manage Unposted Journals page in General Ledger.


Cash Basis


When you are on a cash basis, there is no report. Instead, click the Finalize Post button to finalize your transactions or the Cancel  link to return to the Unposted Transactions page.


If you do not wish to post your transactions click the Cancel link to return to the Unposted Transactions page.


Printing Quick Checks


When you click the Post Transactions button any quick checks in the grid print first. The Check Information window appears allowing you to enter the Check Date and First Check #. If you are using MICR Plus with a specified password enter it in the MICR Password field. You may also specify if you want to Show notes, Show setup information, and Show project information on the checks. Click the OK button to continue printing your quick checks or the Close link to return to Unposted Transactions without saving.


Reprinting Quick Checks


Click the Reprint Checks button if you need to reprint any of your quick checks. Select the Reprint From #, Reprint To #, and First Check #. Click the OK button to reprint the checks or the Close link to return to the previous page without reprinting.