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Payroll Processing > Edit List of Journals

Payroll Processing - Edit List of Payroll allows you to preview the detail of the checks and vouchers before printing.

This Section Includes:

Report Preferences

Report Preview


Report Preferences


Once the preview displays you can navigate the pages, export to several formats (e.g., PDF, Excel, Word), and Print. You can also click Report Preferences on the blue bar above the report preview to change your report preferences. On the Filters tab you can change the Classification option you want to view on the report. Select from the following options:

Include Hourly and Salaried

Include Only Hourly

Include Only Salaried

On the Options tab you can select the following Report Options:

Include Compensations

Include Deductions

Include Taxes

Print in Home Department Sequence

Report Preview


If you have changed the selected options click the Run Report button to display an updated report preview. You may also click the Clear Preferences link to reset all of your report preferences to their initial values. You can also use the navigation s in the left panel to easily jump to the different sections of the report:

Edit List of Payroll: Displays all payroll detail broken down by employee.

Compensation Summary: Displays compensation distribution detail broken down by employee.

Deduction Summary: Displays deduction distribution detail broken down by employee.

Click the Close Report button to return to the Payroll Processing page.