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Employees to Pay

Enter Employees to Pay allows you to select which employees you wish to pay.

This Section Includes:


Entering Hours




If there are already records waiting to be paid the Clear Employees to Pay button is active. You can then choose to add additional records to pay or click the button to clear the existing records out and start over.

Select the # Pay/Year to include using the drop-down list. You can then select the Deduction Cycle. This corresponds with the cycle specified on deductions added to employee records. Deductions with a cycle of Every Pay Period are automatically included regardless of the Deduction Cycle selected with the exception of "No Deductions".

Select the Pay Group(s) to include using the drop-down list and then specify the Distribution Selection Date. This date is used for selecting deduction and compensation distributions.

Select whether you want to include Salaried and Hourly employees and if you want to Use Regular Hours information from last payroll. If you are including salaried employees you can choose the option to Include salaried records when entering hours.


If you are using TimeClock go to Manage Payroll Processing to proceed with the import (More Information).


The option to Include Schedule Time Off Hours allows you to have any scheduled Time Off Hours within the specified date range automatically appear on the Hours entry form. If you select this option enter the Begin Date and End Date. Any scheduled Time Off Hours within the specified date range automatically appear on the Hours entry from.

Choose to Sort By either Employee Last Name or Home Department. Click the OK button to proceed to enter hours, the Reset link to reset all of the filters, or the Cancel link to return to the main Payroll page.


Entering Hours


For each employee you can adjust the Salary or Hourly Rate and put in the appropriate hours. Entering Time Off hours deducts them from the employee's available hours. Use Other Pay to record any additional pay to be added to the current paycheck. This is treated like a 'salaried' distribution. Use the Previous and Next buttons to navigate your employees to pay. You can also select any employee by clicking their  on the left. Click the Finish button on the last employee to save all information and proceed to the Payroll Processing page (More Information).

Click the Cancel link if you do not want to save your employees to pay.