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Activity Information

The Activity Information page allows you to filter and modify Activities that you wish to enter pledges and remittances. Remittance allows received remittance payments posted to a child, or associated sub-activity, to satisfy a parent activity’s pledge amount. The remittance’s pledges will show correctly during the entry process as well as on monthly statements.

This Section Includes:


Activity Information Grid

Add New Activity




Filters allow you to reduce the number of entries that appear on the grid. Select from the following fields to filter your grid.

Name: Type the first part of an activity name or enter a partial name with asterisks. (For example, you could search for Goodlett Farms Christian Church by entering "Goodlett", "Goodlett Farms", "*Farms*", "*Christian Church".)

Total Level: Select a Total Level from the drop-down list.

Bank Account: Select a Bank Account from the drop-down list.

Click the  button to display the results.

Click the Clear Filters link to reset all the filters.


Activity Information Grid


Activities are listed in a grid below the Add New Activity link. The Sequence, Name, Total Level, Active Status, Note, and Parent Activity fields are displayed on the grid.

Click the Add New Activity link to add a new Activity.

Click the Edit  icon to make changes to an Organization.

Click the Delete  icon to remove the Organization from the system.


Add New Activity


This Section Includes:

Activity Information Update

GL Distribution Tab

Note Tab


Click Add New Activity.

Activity Information Update

Parent Activity: Parent Activity is only used when adding a Sub-Activity.  An Activity can have multiple Sub-Activities.

Sequence: It is recommended that you group activities for each Total Level in separate number ranges. Below are suggested number ranges for each Total Level although you may number them any way that you wish.

(e.g., 001000 - 001999 for Total Level 1, 002000 - 002999 for Total Level 2, and so forth)

NOTE: When a Parent Activity is selected, the Sequence number determines the Sub-Activity display order in the Remittance Entry screen.

Name: Type the description of the activity.

NOTE: When Parent Activity is selected, the name entered is Sub-Activity name.

Active?: Click the check box to mark the activity as Active.

Total Level: Select the Total Level for the activity.  The Total Levels are used to group and subtotal various types of activities when printing Statements (e.g., Conference Apportionments, World Service & Conference, Missions, and so forth).

NOTE: Activities having Total Level 1 will automatically print in columns across the page when the Status Report for Apportionments is run. Make sure that you only put Total Level 1 on the activities to be included on the Apportionments report.

Bank Account: Choose the back account from the drop-down list.

Online Name: Type an abbreviated name for the bank account to show on line.

Starting Date:

Ending Date:

Can Pledge be Made?: Click the box if pledges are allowed for the activity.

NOTE: Make sure the check box is unchecked if adding a Sub-Account.

Priority Activity:  Priority Activities will show by default on Remittance entries internally and on the portal. Users that have pledges, can also show non-pledged activities on the Entry screen.  The non-pledged activities will display on the entry screen and Portal as a group below the pledged activities. Sort order for each group (pledged and non-pledged) is by sequence number.

NOTE: If pledges were created prior to the Pledge Option being removed from an Activity and the Pledge is still active, then it will show as a pledge on the Church record when entering Remittances, even if the Activity is now marked Priority.

GL Distribution Tab

Assign General Ledger accounts to the activity.  Each activity can be allocated to one or more General Ledger accounts.

Click the Add New  icon to add another line of detail or click the Add New Lines  icon-link to add multiple lines of detail. Continue adding lines of detail as needed.

Account: Type or search for the Fund, Department, Account #, etc.

Project: The activity can be tied to a project if desired.  Type or search for the Project associated with the activity.  See Modify > Project Information in General Ledger for more information about adding a project.

Percent: Type the Percent to apply (e.g., 25.0000 for 25 percent).  Make sure the total percent for the items equals 100.0000%.

Notes Tab

Enter a note in the field provided if you wish.


When finished click the Update button to save any information that has been added or changed, the Reset resets the page back to how it was before any changes were made to it, or the Cancel link to to leave the page without saving any changes and return to the previous page you were on.