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Import Expensify

Navigate to General Ledger > Utilities > Import Expensify. See Expensify Integration for more information.

1.          Add the Category Information: See Map Expensify Categories to Expense Accounts if needed.

2.          Provide the following information.

Group Workspace

Begin Date

End Date

Journal Code (e.g., EX to indicate Expensify)

Journal Description

3.          Click Import Expensify.

NOTE: Only “Approved” Expensify expenses import from Expensify.

4.          Review the Preview page. Click Exit the Import Preview to return to the previous page. Click Clear Expensify Transactions Import to remove the transactions listed.

5.          Click Import to continue.

6.          Review the Lists Journals to be imported.

7.          Click Import if correct.

8.          The Unposted Journals page displays. Click Journal Edit Report to preview and/or print. Click Change Year if needed.

9.          Click Post Journals to continue.

10.          Click on the Pencil icon to edit a transaction to make changes if needed.

11.          Click the  button to save any information that has been added or changed.

Click the Reset link to reset the page back to how it was before any changes were made to it.

Click the Cancel link to leave the page without saving any changes and return to the previous page you were on.