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Change Check Dates

The Change Check Dates utility allows you to change the date for posted payroll checks. When you process payroll, you have opportunity to specify a "Check Date" on the Check Information window. If you put an incorrect date on this field, you can use this utility to change that incorrect check date.

How to Change Check Dates


1.          Select the incorrect date that was specified when processing payroll using the Wrong Date drop-down. Select the date that should have been specified when processing payroll using the Correct Date field. Click the Update button after you have correctly specified the "Wrong" and "Correct" dates.

2.          A verification message appears. Click "Yes" to continue with the Change Check Dates utility or click "No" to cancel out of this process.

NOTE: Selecting Yes changes EVERY payroll check from the wrong date to the correct date.

3.          When this process is complete, an alert message appears at the bottom of the page.