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How do I Change the Vendor or other Detail for an Unpaid Invoice?

Sometimes an invoice is posted with the wrong vendor, expense account, or some other detail.

This Step-by-Step tutorial walks you through making corrections to a posted invoice that has not yet been paid (In this example, an invoice was posted for "Wal-Market Shopping Center" and displays on the Manage > Payment Processing page. The vendor needs to be changed to "Music Supply Warehouse" and a different expense account needs to be assigned to the detail line on the invoice.)

For a visual tutorial, see the Change the Vendor for an Unpaid Invoice  video.

All video tutorials can be viewed from the Tutorials & Videos page.

1.          Let's start by selecting to undo the invoice from the Transaction Inquiry page. From the Accounts Payable menu, select View -> Transaction Inquiry.

2.          Click the Clear Filters link and then select the Unpaid option.

3.          Next, click the Search button.

4.          Locate the invoice that needs to be corrected and then click the View Details  icon next to it.

5.          Click the Undo Invoice button located at the bottom of the Details tab.

6.          Review the transactions and then click the Undo Transaction button.

7.          Now that the invoice has been undone, let's take a look at editing the invoice. From the Accounts Payable menu, select Manage -> Unposted Transactions.

8.          Click the Edit  icon next to the invoice that needs to be corrected.

9.          Click on the Vendor link to select a different vendor.

10.          The Person Search window appears. Enter your search criteria, such as the first word of the correct vendor's company name, and then click the Search button. Double-click the vendor on the grid.

11.          Next, let's change the account number by clicking the Search  icon located next to the account number on the Details tab.

12.          The Account Search window appears. Search for the correct account number and then click the Select button after highlighting the account.

13.          Verify that the information on the invoice is correct and then click the Update button when you are finished.

14.          A confirmation message appears at the bottom of the page. At this point, you have corrected the invoice and can post and pay it as you normally would.