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Add an Employee

Even though there are lots of tabs on the Employee Information page, you are only required to enter a first and last name in order to save an employee record. It is good practice to enter the compensation, deduction, and tax information as soon as possible so that the employee can be included on the next payroll run.

This Step-by-Step tutorial guides you through adding an employee using the Regular Wage compensation and the 403(b) Retirement deduction setup in the previous tutorial. It also guides you through entering other information that is normally added to an employee record.

For a visual tutorial, see the Add an Employee  video.

All video tutorials can be viewed from the Tutorials & Videos page.


Employee Information


1.          From the Payroll menu, Select Modify -> Employee Information.

2.          Click the Add New Employee link.

3.          The Person Search window appears. It is best to search for a record to avoid adding a duplicate. Enter the last name in the Name field and then click the Search button.

4.          If you see the person listed on the grid, click on the person and then click the Select button. If you do not see the person listed on the grid, click the Close link so that you can add the person as an employee.

5.          Enter the employee name and then enter information on the Employee Information tab such as Home Department and Hire date. When finished with the Employee Information tab, click the Compensations tab.

NOTE: Home Departments can be added on the Modify > Control Table Information page.

6.          Click the  Add New Compensation icon-link.

7.          Select the Compensation and Distribution from the drop-down lists. Assign the Starting Date for this Compensation to take effect and set the # Pay/Year as appropriate for your organization. Select any other options and then enter the Pay Rate Information. Click the OK button when you are finished.

8.          Click on the Deductions tab and then click the  Add New Deduction icon-link.

9.          Select The Deduction and Distribution from the drop-down lists. Assign the Starting Date for the deduction to take effect and then enter the amount (or percentage) in the Amount field. Select any other options then click the OK button.

10.          Click on the Taxes tab. Choose the W4 Type.  Select the Filing Status from the drop-down list and review the other tax settings. Make any changes as needed for this employee. The State, County, and Local taxes can be added by clicking the  Add New Tax icon-link at the bottom.  See Modify > Employee Information > Update > Tax Tab for more information.

NOTE: See the Modify > Tax Table Information page to add new State and Local tax tables.

11.          Click on the ACH Accounts tab. This is an optional feature that allows you to auto-deposit pay instead of printing a check. ACH can be distributed by either a Dollar Amount or Percentage. Select either method from the drop-down list.

12.          After selecting either "Distribute by Dollar Amount" or "Distribute by Percentage" from drop-down list, click the  Add New ACH Account icon-link.

13.          Enter a Bank Routing # and a Bank Account # and then click the OK button.

NOTE: Leave the Amount (or percentage) field with "$0.00" to have all of the pay go to that one account. If more than one account is entered, the account with "$0.00" entered is used for the remaining amount (or percentage).

14.          Click on the Time Off Hours tab and then enter the Available hours for the pay types listed.

15.          Click the Add New Schedule icon-link.

16.          Enter the Begin Date and End Date for the scheduled time off and the number of Hours taken per day off. Click the OK button when you are finished.

17.          Click on the Phones tab and then click the Add New Phone link.

18.          Select a Phone Type and enter a Phone Number. Click the Save button.

NOTE: The phone number is automatically formatted with your organizations default area code when the cursor leaves the Phone Number field. For example, if you enter "5552310", the number is automatically formatted to display "(901) 555-2310".

19.          Click on the Emails tab and then click the Add New Email link.

20.          Enter an email address in the Email field and then click the Save button.

21.          Click on the Addresses tab and then click the Add New Address link.

22.          Enter an address and then click the Save button.

23.          Click on the Demographics tab and then enter any pertinent information in those fields.

24.          Click the Update button when you have finished reviewing all the employee information.