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Revenue Center Grid

Modify Revenue Center Information allows you to establish as many revenue centers as needed. You need a different revenue center for each different asset checking account or accounts receivable account in your chart of accounts. There may also be times where you want to keep certain areas of your accounts receivable separate for reporting. In this case, you have the option of using multiple revenue centers. The grid displays revenue centers for your currently selected company with the following columns:


Active: A green check in this column indicates that the revenue center is active.

Account Structure: The levels that you have set up within General Ledger.

A/R Account: This column displays the words 'Cash Basis' if the revenue center is set to be on a cash basis.

Setup: Hover over the Information  icon to display user and time information for when the revenue center was set up and last updated.

Double-click on a revenue center or click the Edit  icon to edit a revenue center in the grid. You can also click the Add New Revenue Center link to add a new revenue center (More Information).