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Company Information


Modify Company Information allows you to set Accounts Receivable options for your currently selected company. Select the Accounts Receivable Type:

Open Item: Payments are applied to specific invoices. When Open Item is selected, your statements print out with any open invoices listed. It also allows you to auto-distribute payments to invoices beginning with the oldest. This compares to a typical "doctor's bill" statement.

Balance Forward: Payments are applied to the remaining balance owed. The statements print an opening balance, the activity for the period selected in the date range, and an ending balance. This resembles a typical "credit card" statement.

Select if you want to Print Invoices during the posting process. The Interface with General Ledger option turns the interface with General Ledger on and off. The Save Invoice Detail as Separate Invoices option causes each detail line to save as a different invoice.

Select to Duplicate Name on Entry to cause the bill-to and customer names to carry on to the next invoice. If this option is not selected these fields are always blank for each new invoice. This option also affects both recurring charges and payment entries.

Include Contract # on Invoice? - Select this option if you would like to enter a Contract # when entering invoices. This option also adds a Contract # field for filtering and viewing invoices on the Transaction Inquiry page and adds a Contract # field on the Body tab of the Modify Statement Design page.

The Last Invoice # Used displays the last used invoice number and can be manually changed if needed.

When finished click the Update button to save all changes, the Reset link to undo all changes since the last time Company Information was updated, or the Cancel link to return to the main Accounts Receivable page without saving.