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Company Information

Modify Company Information allows you to enter the depreciated through dates for tax and book of the currently selected company. Change the currently selected company to alter settings for a different company (More Information). The Company # and Name of the currently active company are displayed. You can then enter the Tax Taken Thru and Book Taken Thru dates. These dates represent the month and year that you last depreciated your assets via the associated method. The program maintains this information as you run the depreciation procedure. The Adjust Straight Line to match federal tables option allows you to depreciate more than one month at a time.


The Book Taken Thru date is enforced in Fixed Assets. You are not able to depreciate this date or dates previous to this for Tax or Book. This cannot be undone once this date has been set and Company Information updated.  Even if you put an earlier date in the Book Taken Thru field the latest entered date takes precedence in terms of future depreciations.


Click the Update button to save your settings and return to the Fixed Assets dashboard, the Reset link to undo all changes since the last time Company Information was updated, or the Cancel link to return to the Fixed Assets dashboard without saving changes.