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Donors and Gifts


This module stores information on volunteer staff, individuals and other  organizations, and various kinds of contributions and gifts. The use of funds and departments is optional in the design of each chart of accounts. If the chart of  accounts that you are working with does not use either funds or departments then you would simply skip over information about these fields in the documentation.

Features and Benefits

Gift designations: Motivation, Purpose, and Media

Track giving by individual and by congregation/parish using subdonor feature.

Track gifts by using Motivation field

Track gifts by source using Media field

Deductible, non-deductible, and in-kind (e.g., non-cash) gifts

Unlimited pledge capability; date-driven pledge management

Donor information includes general demographics, as well as data specific for receiving gifts: envelope number as another means of data entry

Reduce data entry requirements with one database

Relate individuals to organizations

Manage a variety of gifts: contributions, pledges, gifts-in-kind (e.g., non-cash)

Analyze funding sources


This Section Includes:

Getting Started